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YUV to NTSC & S-Video Encoder/Generator

Model No.: IEC-843C

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● PC Lock
● Gen-lock
● YUV to NTSC, Option
● "Y" and "C" Outputs
● 360º Subcarrier Phase
● Internal RS-170A Sync Gen.
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The IEC-843 is a RGB to NTSC encoder with RS-170A sync generator. The unit also accepts YUV (BETA or MII) inputs as model IEC-843C. Other versions are available. The system is a self contained unit measuring only 1 3/4 inches high and 8 inches deep. It can be mounted in a standard 19 inch equipment rack. The required signal input is RGB, or YUV with or without sync on the green channel. An external composite video or black burst input is required to gen-lock to an external source. The internal sync generator provides blanking and burst to the encoder section. The IEC-843 provides all sync generator pulse outputs that conform to the RS-170A specification. The propagation delay of the encoded signal is 250nS. An internal set of jumpers provide "Y" and "C" outputs for recording on S-Video tape recorders. The IEC-843A provides NTSC and YC outputs simultaneously. The IEC-843B provides NTSC and YC outputs, plus YC in/NTSC out. The IEC-843C provides YUV to NTSC or YC. Front panel controls are: AC ON/OFF, normal lock, internal lock, PC lock, internal frequency, SC phase and horizontal phase. The unit operates on 115 VAC and dissipates approximately 15 watts.


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