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Closed Caption Encoder, line 21, F1 & F2, with decoder

Model No.: PCE-845D

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● Line 21 Field 1
● Line 21 Field 2
● Caption & Text
● Channel 1 & 2
● News Wire
● NTSC Input
● S/VIDEO Input & Output
● Y, R-Y, B-Y Input & Output
● RS-232C Controlled
● One Closed Caption Output
● One Open Caption Output
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Data Sheet

The PCE-845/D is a Closed Caption Encoder for Inserting Caption and Text data on line 21 of the NTSC signal. The PCE-845/D will insert four channels of data that are multiplexed into the vertical interval on line 21 of field one. The four channels of line 21 are described as Caption Channel One, Caption Channel Two, Text Channel One, and Text Channel Two.

The PCE 845/D also processes data on Line 21 of field two to meet the revised FCC specifications. To meet future requirements, the PCE 845/D is capable of inserting data on lines 10 through 25. A single internal jumper selects correct line placement. The unit is compatible with PAL closed caption, and caption data is usually inserted on Line 22 of field one. Line voltage operation is recommended for 115/240VAC, 50/60Hz, internally selected. The input signals are composite video, S-Video, or Y, R-Y, B-Y.

The rear toggle switches between composite and S-Video. An internal shunt jumper selects between differential and single ended input.

There is one composite closed caption video output and one open caption output. If a component format is used, the delay of each signal path is carefully matched, providing transparent thru-put. An RS-232C Input/output data port is provided on the rear panel that operates from 600 to 4800 baud (jumper selected). A second data port can accommodate an external modem. A switch on the front panel labeled "TEST� places a test message on line 21 to confirm proper operation of the encoder. A modem and computer can be connected to the PCE-845/D simultaneously to receive local and remote caption data.

Two front panel LED's indicate the operation in field one or field two. Other status indicators confirm the presence of input video and RS-232. By-pass mode may be selected from the front panel, by software commands or via remote control. By-pass is transparent, and will not glitch the video signal when selected.


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